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Up That Curb Appeal for a Quicker Sale

By on Sep 26, 2016 in Real Estate

Most people would never think of going to a job interview without fixing their hair, taking a bath and looking their absolute best, because they realize that prospective employers form a first impression before they even ask the first question. That same principle applies when someone comes to look at a home to buy. Therefore, homeowners need to create curb appeal attracting the attention of potential buyers.

According to Than Merrill of Fortunebuilders, a real estate wealth building company out of San Diego, “Curb appeal has one purpose: to convince buyers that the home is worth going inside.” Which is why you want to have the exterior of your house look its best so that it is inviting.

You would never go to a job interview without taking a bath. Yet, many homeowners neglect cleaning the outside of their homes when trying to sell them. Start by looking at the roof to discover if there are areas of mold or missing shingles. If you find any problems, then take care of them immediately. Keep working your way down the house’s structure, cleaning and repairing those items that you have neglected. Remove any clutter that has accumulated. Now, get in your car and drive by the house from both directions seeing what you have missed up close but is highly visible from the road.

If you are going to a group interview, you want to write your name in large legible letters on your name tag. The same principle applies to house numbers. Replace the house numbers on your house with shiny new ones that match the style of the home. During the interview, you want your personality to show through to the employer. Make your home’s personality blossom by adding a whimsical mailbox either attached to the house or near the street. While this unique feature does not cost much, it can help your home stand out from the crowd. And one of the most important steps while working outside is to make sure that your lawn looks its best. A few days of watering may pay rich dividends. Plant some beautiful flowers in boxes to add a splash of color increasing your home’s curb appeal.

Just doing these simple steps vastly improves your home’s appeal without costing a lot of money. Experts point out that it is far easier to sell a home where buyer’s feel an instant attraction and that is what you are doing when you increase the curb appeal. Your home will sell much faster.