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Development of the Brooklyn Navy Yard

By on Jun 28, 2016 in Business, Real Estate, Tourism

Brooklyn Naval Yard Is Being Reborn

The Brooklyn Naval Yard has been a foreboding scene for some years. New development promises to reshape and renew its demeanor. With shops, real estate and restaurants planned for development here, New Yorkers will soon be able to find a welcoming commercial district where there was once only industrial buildings.

Formerly a military facility, the Brooklyn Naval Yard is surrounded by walls. These are coming down, and new building and renovation promises to make the area user-friendly, and a great place to both live and shop.

Real Estate Development at the Yard

Under the guidance of the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation, new construction includes the creation of a housing development called the Navy Green. Nearly complete, this $146 million project promises to deliver affordable housing and market-rate apartments, which will allow people to live and shop with convenience. Ironically, what promises to be luxurious and affordable housing is being built on what was once the site of the Navy brig. This will rewrite the history of the Brooklyn Naval Yard.

Shopping and Food in the Naval Yard

Scheduled to open in 2017, the Yard Commons will echo Philadelphia’s Reading Terminal Market. This market has a resemblance to a department store, where people are able to choose from the wares of a multitude of retailers. A Wegmans Supermarket is also planned to occupy what was known as Admiral’s Row. The store will occupy 74,000 square feet, and it will meet the needs of local residents and draw new customers to the area. Although local residents have expressed fear that a grocery store will not materialize, the process of removing walls and concrete to allow for it goes on unabated. It is also anticipated that numerous storefronts and a food hall will open by 2018 providing variety and hard to find items. The plan includes a Russ & Daughters Cafe, a new Mast Brothers Chocolate Factory, and lots of unique restaurants and stores. Finally, it is worth noting that the Brooklyn Roasting Company will transform a former strip club into a respectable place for cocktails and dining.

The List Goes On

The work and expense needed to make these plans a reality is substantial. The Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation continues to build and rebuild and makes progress toward its goal of creating a community. Manufacturing and industrial use is what the Yard has been known for, and nothing of this will be lost in adding office space, good housing and the other things that people need to live well. The future of the Navy Yard is brighter than its past.