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Why The Foam Ban Being Overturned in NYC is a Good Thing

Why The Foam Ban Being Overturned in NYC is a Good Thing

By on Sep 29, 2015 in News

Many people that live outside of New York are scarcely even aware that a New York foam ban even existed. The ban was on the type of foam that is used for Styrofoam cups and the clamshells that are used to package food from restaurants. New York made the decision to ban these materials because of the controversy that surrounds the use of these materials concerning the health of the environment. Eventually, they made a decision to ban them entirely but that decision has recently been overturned by a judge. There are two reasons why this is a good thing, even for those that are concerned about the health of the planet. The first involves simple economics, especially concerning individuals that purchase food and drink from commercial locations. The second involves the success of these businesses and how the two intertwine with each other to contribute to the overall health of the economy. Economics When it comes to economics, especially in this day and time, everyone gets nervous. The truth is, working class people are stretched so thin from a financial perspective that they can hardly afford to pay an additional amount of money for anything. In many cases, they are working two and sometimes three jobs and they are barely able to keep a roof over their head and food on the table. Those that are forced to eat lunch out because they work all the time were then going to face paying even higher prices because of the bans on foam. Now that the ban has been lifted, they no longer have to worry about paying these additional fees. This it is ultimately good for the health of the economy and it is vitally important that those who are already being pinched the most do not find themselves holding the bag for yet another expense. Business Success By the same token, businesses were in a position where they knew it was going to cost them more money to obtain materials that were environmentally friendly and they were being forced to pass this hike in costs on to their customers. Many businesses were very concerned about the potential of losing business as a direct result of all of...

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