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New Yorkers Choose Their Favorite Tourist Sites

By on Apr 11, 2014 in Entertainment

Full confession: New Yorkers hate Times Square.  You are also hard pressed to find a Native New Yorker skating on the Ice at Rockefeller Center.  What do New Yorkers like?  Here are a few spots: Central Park There’s nothing like Central Park on a Saturday afternoon.  The open air and sense of camaraderie make if feel like a family gathering.  If you haven’t taken part in a pick-up softball game at Central Park than you have no clue what you are missing.  For many New Yorkers this was their backyard growing up, and they like to revisit it as much as they can. Empire State Building Nothing symbolizes The Big Apple better than this big building.  Owned by New Yorker Anthony Malkin and his Empire State Realty Trust – ESRT, this building is both a tourist attraction and for office use.  It completes the skyline and has some of the best views of the city, if not the best.  Even hard-nosed New Yorkers can’t resist this art-deco masterpieces’ charms. Statue of Liberty A symbol of something greater than any one man or city.  The Statue of Liberty is there to remind us of Americans, and is a sign of the American Dream, and being able to achieve it.  Many new immigrants saw this on their way to the New World, and it’s only fitting that their ancestors visit it, and remember who they are.  Also, it’s a really great picnic spot in the Summer and Fall. Yankee Stadium Because no New Yorker really likes the Mets.  Whatever team you root for, there is a respect for the hallowed halls where the Bronx Bombers play during baseball season.  It may be the new stadium and does not have the history of its predecessor, but that just means history is to be made.  Visit while you can, before Derek Jeter retires. 24 Hour Apple Store Because, where else can a coffee addled New Yorker get their laptop repaired at...

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