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Tourism in NY Benefits from New $60M Campaign

By on Jun 10, 2013 in Tourism

New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced last month the largest tourism campaign that the state has seen in decades. The aim of the $60 million campaign is to grow the industry in general, as well as create jobs and attract more visitors. The campaign includes various initiatives targeted at specific demographics, hoping to boost and maintain the variety of visitors to the city. Three of the aforementioned initiatives are as follows: A host of on-site greeters and welcome centers will be added to New York’s airports. New international tourism campaigns — “I Love NY Asia” and “I Love NY South America” — will be launched to boost visitor numbers from emerging markets. A Sports and Special Events Com­mission will be created to recruit events for the state’s venues, tapping into the $600 billion global sports tourism industry. It is the hope of the governor and his office that the welcome center will facilitate tourism and boost the sale of New York tickets to such tourist attractions as the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty. The emerging markets are a large demographic that will respond well to targeted campaigns, therefore boosting the number of tourist visitors yearly.  With 76 sports venues located throughout New York, the state has a large untapped potential for both sporting events and special events. With the Sports and Special Events Commission, New York will now be able to benefit from these largely unused spaces. Currently none of the initiatives are geared towards increasing business meetings and conferences, which brought 5.2 million delegates and $5 million in attendee spending to New York City alone. This is compared to the more than 202 million international and domestic visitors who spent $57 billion in the state last year, generating $7 billion in state and local taxes. However, the city’s marketing arm, NYC & Company, is supportive and believes that this campaign will bring an influx of all travel into New York and enhance the overall experience of the New York City traveler, business delegate...

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Allianz Real Estate Relocates to One Grand Central Place

By on Jun 6, 2013 in Real Estate

When looking for a new office in New York City, what is the most important factor in making a choice? Do you choose a building for its great location or the gorgeous views? What about accessibility for your employees or even historic architecture? Allianz Real Estate was able to forgo this difficult choice and simply have it all in their recent move to One Grand Central Place, formerly known as the Lincoln Building. One Grand Central Place was completed in 1930 and features 55 stories of neo-gothic style architecture complete with gothic windows at the top and stunning views.  In addition to the advantages of the building itself, the location is unbeatable, specifically the direct in-building access to Grand Central Terminal.  One Grand Central Place has recently undergone $85 million in renovations, including enhancing building-wide systems. It’s not hard to see why this building would be a first choice when looking for new office space in NYC. Allianz Real Estate, the U.S. arm of the German insurance company, just signed a 10-year lease for 7,000 sq ft on the 37th floor of One Grand Central Place.  Asking rents are about $59 per square foot. The move was prompted when Allianz outgrew their current space, as well as by the insurance company’s desire to be closer to Grand Central Station. An Allianz representative also cited competitive rent, excellent views and the build out that the landlord is undertaking as reasons for signing the lease at One Grand Central Place. The custom build out of the Allianz space referenced by the representative will be entirely undertaken and financed by Malkin Properties, who were extremely optimistic about the future implications of this deal. This move from a top corporate firm attests to the success of the recent repositioning of One Grand Central Place as a white-glove corporate environment for prestigious companies according to Anthony E. Malkin. Malkin is president of Malkin Holdings and of its affiliates, including W&H Properties, which have been active in real estate for four...

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Settlement Houses – Not Just a Thing of the Past

By on Jun 5, 2013 in News

Today, many people are unaware of the myriad of community resources available to them, including settlement houses. In order to dive deeper into this issue, we first have to tackle the issue of what a settlement house entails. People who have heard the term “settlement house” may be remembering it from history class, as term came about during the settlement movement which peaked in the 1920’s.  Mary Kingsbury Simkhovitch (1867–1951) was an American city planner and social worker who explained that the goal of a settlement house “is to bring about a new kind of community life […] through the personalized and direct involvement with the individual”.  Although this definition is almost a century old, it remains as true today as it was when she said it. A modern settlement house is a neighborhood-based organization that provides services and activities designed to identify and reinforce the strengths of individuals, families and communities.  Its services range from job training and employment programs, to early childhood and youth programs, to literacy and citizenship education and even mental health and home care. Many people who participate in settlement programs live within walking distance and typically, many of the staff members are also neighborhood residents, helping to foster a sense of community. Despite the lack of awareness, settlement houses are still fairly prevalent; United Neighborhood Houses (UNH), a nonprofit based in New York, runs 38 settlement houses in the NYC area alone. UNH provides services to over half a million New Yorkers at more than 400 sites, with close to 10,000 staff members and 7,500 volunteers. UNH boasts an impressive Board of Directors, including Lewis Kramer, a retired Partner of Ernst & Young LLP and Alain Kodsi, Managing Director at Heights Partners.  Today, UNH’s membership comprises one of the largest human service systems in New York City, which draws on over 90 years of experience in the social reform field. UNH does its utmost to support its members through policy development, advocacy and capacity-building...

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